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Print Head Recovery Service (per head)

Product Brand: Epson
Product Condition: New
  • Print Head Recovery Services - for further information please visit the website click here.

    If you have blocked and clogged heads, or the quality of the print is diminishing, it does not necessarily mean you may need to purchase new heads. We could recover the head and improve performance allowing you time to look at new heads at a later stage.

    With new heads costing from £700 Print Head Recovery Services might have the solution...

    How Can You Recover Your Print Heads

    There are a number of things you can do to recover blocked heads apart from the cleaning cycle performed by your machine.

    1. You can run a flush cycle, we have a range of flush cartridges to buy.

    2. You can put the heads in soak without removing them from the machine (if you're not sure how, we can talk you through this), we also sell head cleaning solvent.

    3. You can pull ink through the print head from the maintenance station with a syringe (we sell them too)

    DO NOT rub the face of the print head with anything as this will wear the coating and once this is gone thats the end of the print head.
    DO NOT remove the damper and force solvent into the head as it is very sensitive to pressure and it will blow.

    We use a machine that first soaks and then pumps low pressure solvents and air in bursts to gently clean the print head, both forward and backward flushing removes dryed ink in a way that cannot be done by hand.

    With years of hands on experience, we have found the more gently you clean the head the better. we use a range of solvents that are hard on ink but soft on the print head. We cannot undo the damage of aggresive cleaning so be very gentle when trying to recover the head yourself.

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