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Why Buy These Printers!!!!  

For prints that need to go outside and last for 3 years this range of printers give you best value for money with the best quality at the fastest speed for the best price. Yes we could go on about the printhead technology or the back up & service, the fact that it comes as standard with both powered feed & take up systems, that it has the best colour reproduction, the low cost of inks or how easy it is to use but that would just be going on and on.

For the signmaker these are the best printers that's all you need to know.

Large Format Printers using eco-solvent friendly inks, from 4 to 10 colours, offering unparalleled print quality for the one stop printing business. From one man businesses to full copy distribution print industry producing anything from banners, t-shirts, wallpaper and a whole host of other products within the large format print business.